The main insurance coverage includes:

Medical expenses – we provide coverage for medical expenses due to an accident or acute illness with you when traveling abroad
Repatriation costs – we cover the costs of your repatriation in case of an accident or acute illness, if your health condition allows it
Costs for transportation of remains
The cost of emergency dental treatment
Mountain search and rescue costs

Additionally, you can insure for:

•Accident clause – provides financial stability in the event of death, permanent loss or reduced ability to work due to an accident
“Personal liability” clause – provides insurance protection in case the causes of damages to third parties when traveling abroad and as a result of this damage arise your civil liability
Legal Aid Clause – covers the costs of lawyers’ fees for legal aid and protection in legal proceedings instituted against you when traveling abroad
•Secure Wallet Clause – provides compensation for the loss or theft of your personal documents (passport, ID card, driving license), credit and / or debit cards when traveling abroad, including subsequent uncompensated losses as a result of unauthorized / unauthorized use of your cards. In addition, if in these cases you run out of funds, the assistance company will provide you with a loan after a person named by you deposits with us an amount equal to the loan amount.
•Abduction clause – we will reimburse you for medical expenses incurred as a result of your abduction or hostage-taking
•”Missed event” clause – if due to an accident or acute illness with you, death of a close relative, spouse or the person who accompanied you during the trip, miss an event abroad (concert, sporting event, etc.) we will refund you the value of the ticket purchased by you for it.

In addition to the main and additional coatings, we offer you the following packages of special coatings:

•”FLIGHT” package – if you choose this package you will be reimbursed for unforeseen expenses (hotel, food, drinks and medicines) or basic necessities (clothes, shoes, etc.) made when traveling abroad by plane due to cancellation of a regular flight , omission of connecting scheduled flight, delay or loss of checked baggage;

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•”ON THE ROAD” package – when choosing this package you will be compensated if when traveling abroad with your car you make unforeseen hotel costs in case of an accident, costs of refueling, loss of the key for your car or you have an accident and you need legal assistance and payment of bail for your release;
•SKI AND SNOWBOARD package – if you have decided to ski or snowboard abroad, we recommend this package, which will provide you with insurance protection in case of burglary or loss of your ski equipment, including the hiring of a replacement in these cases; losses from an unused and prepaid ski package (cable car use card, ski equipment rental and / or ski school fee) due to an accident or acute illness with you, as well as costs for your search and rescue in the mountains.

In case of an accident or acute illness, you can contact the assistance company –
EUROP ASSISTANCE – tel .: +359 24 96 44 12.

You can also contact Generali Insurance AD, CALL CENTER +359 2 92 67 222, fax: + 359 2 92 67 402.

The assistance company will confirm the coverage of the costs and will make a direct payment to the health facility.


•You receive insurance protection for tourist and business trips, work and study abroad
•Wide selection of insurance coverage
Annual policies MULTITRIP – convenient and affordable for frequent travelers abroad
Competitive tariff conditions
•We provide 24 hour assistance service from Assistance company EUROP ASSISTANCE anywhere in the world
•Fast and quality service in case of damage elimination

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