Company and commercial law

Commercial law, as well as company law in particular, are branches of law whose rules govern the legal status of traders, commercial transactions and commercial insolvency. The basic law in the field of commercial law is the Commercial Law .

We offer legal assistance at any time of your business. We will help both the successful start and the change or closure of your business.

As an experienced lawyer in Sofia , Hristo Rastashki has solid experience in company law. Our law firm works with many corporate clients in all areas of commercial law .

Our law firm in Sofia can prepare the complete documentation and register any type of company regulated by the Commercial Law, as well as a non-profit legal entity, association or foundation under the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, depending on your needs.

We will help you choose the most suitable legal entity according to the activity you perform. We will advise you on all regulatory requirements and take the necessary legal action to help your business.

Our law firm performs all forms of transformation of companies, such as change of legal form, merger, acquisition, division and separation.

Also, we will assist you in changing the circumstances and deletion from the Commercial Register, by carrying out liquidation or insolvency proceedings. In these cases, special care and experience is needed to properly transform or close your business.

Entry and registration of a legal entity

At Rastashki Law Firm we will help you choose the most suitable company for your goal and successful activity.

Lawyer Rastashki has extensive experience in establishing companies and registering them in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice.

If you are developing a commercial activity related to commercial transactions listed in Article 1, paragraph 1 of the Commercial Law , you should establish any of the following legal entities:

  • Sole trader ET;
  • Gathering company SD;
  • Limited partnership KD;
  • Limited Liability Company Ltd .;
  • Sole proprietorship with limited liability EOOD;
  • Joint Stock Company AD;
  • Sole joint stock company EAD;
  • Limited partnership with KDA shares.

If necessary, we will prepare all the documentation and make an entry of your non-profit legal entity, which can be established as an association or foundation.

Transfer, transformation and liquidation of your company

Change of circumstances of a commercial company

We offer legal assistance in changing the circumstances in your company by amending the memorandum or articles of association and submit it for a new entry, accompanied by documents in compliance with the requirements of the Commercial Register Act and the register of non-profit legal entities.

With us you can easily change the way and the persons managing and representing your company , its seat and address of management, the subject of activity, as well as all other circumstances related to the need for dynamics and change of your business.

Transformation of a commercial company

Lawyer Rastashki has experience in the transformation of commercial companies. In our office we will help you choose and understand in the most appropriate way the transformation of your company.

In addition to the change from one commercial form to another, we perform mergers, acquisitions, divisions and spin-offs , in each case advising our clients in advance about the benefits and responsibilities they bear under the Commercial Law during the transformation.

When making any kind of transformation of a company or changing the legal form, the most important document that we will prepare for you is the transformation contract.

All legally defined and necessary requisites are entered in it in order to carry out the transformation or the change of the legal form.

It is important to note that in cases where the legal form changes and it is transferred from a personal to a capital company, it is necessary to check the transformation contract by a registered auditor , who will prepare a report on the correct capital ratio of the new company and assets. the partnership at the time of the change.

Transfer of a company or company share

The change of owner or the transfer of a company or a company share is carried out through a notarial contract for purchase and sale of a company. We provide all the necessary documents for confession of the transaction, after which we apply for entry in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency.

When making a transaction, a necessary requirement is the completion of declarations by which the transferor declares that the company has no obligations regarding social security contributions, compensations or remuneration of its employees.

Only after the new contract or memorandum of association has been successfully registered, the process of transferring the company or the company shares is considered completed.

Seizure of a company share

We offer assistance in case of seizure of your company or your share. In the process of enforcement or security proceedings, we will advise you on the best option to satisfy your creditors in relation to your interests.

After the end of the attachment, it is necessary to apply for entry of the lifting of the attachment in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice.

Liquidation of a company

Lawyer Rastashki assists in the liquidation of your company, ensuring compliance with your interests and the property of your company. We communicate with the appointed liquidator, and if necessary we consult him and support his activities.

For us, a priority in the liquidation process is the protection of the integrity of the property of your company and the distribution of the liquidation shares , after satisfying the creditors of the company. The lawful course of the liquidation is a guarantee for the observance of the interest of our clients.

Bankruptcy assistance

The insolvency proceedings aim to satisfy the company’s creditors, as well as to enable the enterprise to be rehabilitated. We offer assistance by consulting and clarifying the opportunities you have in the process.

Lawyer Rastashki communicates with your appointed trustee , preventing property losses for his clients. In these proceedings, numerous acts are issued, judicial and administrative, which are subject to appeal.

It is extremely important here to have a competent advisor and a good strategy. Particular attention should be paid to filling the insolvency estate as well as the accession of creditors. In the presence of revocation claims, they should be adequately answered.

Procedural representation in cases before the court and the administrative bodies

Lawyer Rastashki represents procedural representation before the court in cases related to commercial transactions. We also prepare commercial contracts, powers of attorney, annexes, agreements, promissory notes, and other bill of exchange effects.

Commercial dispute cases are heard by civil courts under a special chapter of the Code of Civil Procedure, called “Commercial Dispute Proceedings.”

We also offer representation before all administrative bodies such as the National Revenue Agency (NRA), assistance in public procurement before the municipalities, representation before the Commercial Register, various commissions for control of your activities, and others.

Assistance in commercial transactions and contracts

At Rastashki Law Office we will assist you in preparing all the documents necessary for your business.

We perform commercial intermediation for concluding transactions , successfully representing our client and preparing all the necessary documentation for concluding the respective transaction. We build our professionalism on the basis of solid experience in commercial law.

For us, the success of your commercial transactions is important and we pay special attention when we consult you and change annexes to already prepared contracts, thus helping to successfully conclude the transaction.

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