Cars – car insurance occupies a major share of non-life insurance and has a wide public knowledge of the products, due to the mandatory nature of liability insurance, as well as the experience of individuals in motor vehicle damage related to Casco insurance. We structurally define the following types of automotive products:
Car insurance
Third-party liability insurance
Meat accident in a motor vehicle
Extended warranty
Car assistance on the territory of the country
Car assistance abroad

Property – offer protection and tranquility to each person for some of the most important things – home, office, business. They cover a wide range of risks – fire, natural disasters and accidents, theft, liability.
Home property
Commercial sites and offices
Industrial fire
Electronic equipment
Construction and installation risks

Liability insurance – with the Professional Liability Insurance Contract the Insurance Company is obliged to cover the liability of the Insured for the indemnification of damages, occurred as a result of culpable non-fulfillment of his professional obligations, regulated in the current legislation. The insurance covers the professional liability of the Insured upon written claims of the injured parties for the damages caused to them, presented during the term of the insurance contract. The following types can be identified:

Customs authorities;
Certified Public Accountants and Financial Auditors; Medical staff;
The employer;
Insurance brokers and agents;
Tour operator;
Teachers and educators;
Private bailiffs;
Surveyors and appraisers;
Participants in design and construction;
Holders of firearms;

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Transport insurances – are related to the transport of goods and services and related material interests. Provide protection for cargo and carriers. They affect all types of transport – air, sea and land. Kinds:
Carrier’s liability (CMR)
Aviation insurance
Vessel insurance

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Accident insurance – has as its object the person and his main task is to help the insured when his health and ability to work are impaired. Insurance coverage is most often associated with the consequences of an accident and an illness. Types of accident insurance:
General Accident Insurance
Borrower’s accident
Accident of hotel guests
Tourist accident
Athlete’s accident
Accident at work

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Student accident
Accident of visitors to cultural and entertainment events

Agricultural insurance:
Crops insurance decision against losses of crops, plantations and their harvest caused by natural disasters Animals – provides the necessary insurance coverage against losses in death or destruction of animals, birds, fish and hives with bees from accidents, infectious and non-communicable diseases, slaughter as needed.

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Financial risks:
Loans – The receivables of Bulgarian financial institutions (banks), representing due repayments by Bulgarian legal entities or individuals, are insured in connection with bank loans granted by the insured.
Guarantees – The risk of financial losses and / or additional expenses in connection with payments under a direct or indirect guarantee contract (guarantee) specified in the insurance policy is insured.
Miscellaneous financial risks – The insurance covers financial loss arising from various bond and trade relationships – sales contract (commodity loan), bank loans and guarantees, lease and rental agreements. The financial risk of the seller (supplier), the creditor bank or issuer of the bank guarantee, the lessor, the lessor from non-payment of due installments under contracts between them and clients – individuals and legal entities is covered

Life insurance – Life insurance is related to the most valuable thing for a person, namely his health. This type of insurance provides financial security for you and your family in case of adverse events. If you choose the right program, you can combine insurance with savings. While you work and pay your insurance premiums, you will enjoy tax benefits. You have the opportunity to choose the term of payment of the installments – monthly or annual. The insurance period is from 5 to 30 years for different products, and the currency – optional. Depending on the choice of Insurer, there are several main types of life insurance:

LIFE savings insurance
LIFE related to investment funds
Risk / combined LIFE insurance
Child life insurance
Critical disease insurance, including as additional coverage

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