Against What Am I Insured?

This insurance covers the insured’s liability for damages caused to third parties as a result of owning or using a motor vehicle. You are insured in the following situations:

You have caused damage to someone else’s property;
You have caused non-pecuniary and / or pecuniary damage as a result of bodily injury or death.
Like any insurance, there are risks that are not covered by the Motorist’s Civil Liability. Here they are:

Damage suffered by the guilty driver of the vehicle;
Damages caused to the motor vehicle driven by the insured, as well as to the damages caused to the property transported by this motor vehicle;
Damage caused by the use of vehicles during an act of terrorism or war;
Damage caused by the use of vehicles for participation in competitions.
Damage caused by the use of a motor vehicle after the use of ALCOHOL, DRUGS

What should I do if I get hurt?
In the event of an insured event, you are obliged to do what is possible to save the injured and to limit the damage caused to property, to notify the competent authorities for traffic control. You are obliged to provide the injured party with the data necessary to file a claim.

The term for final ruling of the insurer on a claim under compulsory Civil Liability Insurance may not be longer than three months from its presentation to the insurer, who has concluded this insurance. In due time, he must determine and pay the amount of compensation, or give a reasoned opinion on the claims, when he refuses to pay or when the basis and amount of damages have not been fully established.

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An insurer may not refuse to rule on the validity of a claim for compensation under the compulsory insurance, when one of the following documents has been submitted for the certification of a traffic accident:

Statement of findings for a traffic accident;
Traffic accident report;
Bilateral statement of findings, entered in the prescribed manner in the services of the Ministry of Interior and drawn up when the accident caused only property damage that does not impede the movement of the vehicle on its own, and there is agreement between the participants in the accident on the circumstances associated with its occurrence.
Where these documents are insufficient to certify material circumstances in connection with the occurrence of an accident, the insurer may also require the production of documents and evidence drawn up by other competent authorities or persons.

The injured person is obliged to present to the insurer the documents at his disposal which are related to the insured event and the caused damages, assisting him in establishing the circumstances in connection with the event and the amount of the damages. The injured person must file a written claim with the insurer no later than 7 / seven / days from the occurrence of the insurance event.

What Should I Know
The Motor Third Party Liability Insurance covers the territories of the Republic of Bulgaria, Member States of the European Union and third countries participating in the Green Card system.

Insurance Sum
According to the Insurance Code, the mandatory minimum insurance amounts are the following:

For non-property damages, as a result of bodily injury or death – BGN 2,000,000 for each event of one injured person;
BGN 10,000,000 for each event with two or more injured persons;
For property damages – BGN 2,000,000 for each event;

Insurance Bonus
The insurance premium for this type of insurance is determined according to the current tariff of the insurer. It offers discounts that everyone can take advantage of and which are charged for:

Age of the driver;
Driving experience of the driver;
One-time payment;
Age of vehicle;
Valid Casco policy .
There are, of course, premium increases, which are imposed according to:

Age of the driver;
Driver experience;
Guilty of accidents in the last 3 years;
Rented vehicles;
Vehicles used for taxi services;
Vehicles intended for the transport of dangerous goods.
Motorist’s Civil Liability Insurance is concluded for a period of 1 year and now you can do it online. The conclusion of a policy for a shorter period is allowed only in the following cases:

On vehicles with temporary or transit registration according to the current Bulgarian legislation;
Border insurance;
In case of insurance of companies importing and selling motor vehicles;
On slow-moving vehicles and self-propelled machines.

Insurance Compensation
In case of death or bodily injuries of third parties, the indemnity shall be determined by an insurance expert commission to the insurer of the guilty driver or by court order.

In case of damage to property, the compensation may not exceed the actual value of the damage caused. Compensation for damages to motor vehicles is determined in accordance with an ordinance adopted by the commission on the methodology for settling claims for compensation for damages caused to motor vehicles.

The indemnity under the compulsory motor third party liability insurance is determined and paid in the currency in which the claim is filed. Claims for indemnities in connection with insurance events that have occurred in the Republic of Bulgaria shall be filed in Bulgarian levs.

Right Of Regress
The insurer has the right to receive from the insured the already paid indemnity, when the insured at the occurrence of the traffic accident:

Has driven a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit or under the influence of a narcotic substance or its analogue, or has refused to undergo or has guiltily deviated from a test for alcohol, a narcotic substance or its analogue;
Has not stopped and has not taken measures to eliminate a damage or malfunction in the motor vehicle, which endangers the safety of the traffic, and the traffic accident has occurred as a result;
The insurer is entitled to receive the paid compensation from the person who drove the motor vehicle without a driving license.

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