What are the Risks of Travel Insurance?

To provide you with peace of mind at any time of your trip abroad, we at Musala Insurance Broker include medical insurance for travel abroad with Assured Assistance to cover medical expenses for major risk events – accident and illness.

By current illness within the meaning of the insurance is meant an illness that occurred within the insurance period, with an acute onset and a progressive course. A disease that requires urgent treatment and / or examination. One in which she experiences severe pain and can be life-threatening.

An accident, on the other hand, is an event that occurred at a certain place and at a certain time during the validity of the insurance, resulting in death or personal injury. An event that results from sudden and unpredictable effects of external origin, mechanical, thermal, chemical or toxic factors. Factors not intentionally caused by the insured, as well as sprains, strains and tears of joints, tendons and muscles. Accidents that lead to the death or bodily injury of the insured in saving a human life or property, as well as those as a result of mandatory prophylactic immunizations, are also considered accidents.

The medical costs covered by your insurance include :

Treatment with / without admission as such in a medical institution / hospitalization /;
Medicines and drugs;
X-ray diagnostics;
Ambulance transportation costs to the nearest hospital;
Surgical costs.
Costs of emergency dental care,
Medical Insurance for Travel Abroad with Assisted Assistance also includes repatriation in the following two cases:
To a hospital near the home of the insured in Bulgaria;
In case of death, repatriation of the remains is provided.

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Although the basic coverage is quite comprehensive, when you choose Insurance Medical Expenses for Traveling Abroad with Assisted Assistance, you will also receive protection against a large number of additional risks. Here are some of them:

Death due to an accident – the users are paid the limit provided in case of death, specified in the policy to the contract;
Permanent loss of ability to work due to an accident – we pay you an amount in accordance with the percentage of disability acquired after the accident;
Burglary of luggage, loss of luggage, loss or destruction of luggage when traveling by plane or bus – you will be compensated up to the limit agreed in the policy (about 200 euros per suitcase). Luggage within the meaning of this insurance is considered to be your personal belongings carried to meet personal needs. Any kind of inventory transferred for remuneration or for trading purposes is not considered personal luggage. You will be compensated for the total or partial loss and / or destruction of luggage carried in the luggage compartment of an airplane or bus;
Civil liability against third parties – property or non-property damages are covered, up to the limit agreed in the policy, caused to a third party through your fault abroad, during the term of the insurance policy, the grounds and amount of which are established by a court decision;
Legal aid – your insurer is obliged to pay you the costs up to the specified limit for this coverage, made abroad, for attorney’s fees, court fees and other payments related to a lawsuit and other court proceedings against you abroad during the insurance period. , in case of unintentional violation of the laws of the country in which you travel or temporarily reside.

What Risks Do We Not Cover?
It is a good idea to get acquainted with them before embarking on a trip abroad.

Mental and nervous disorders and any other mental or psychological conditions or illnesses, as well as premeditated self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide (whether the insured was sane or insane);
Aviation, non-motorized flying or any form of aviation except when you are a regular passenger of an airline;
Alcohol or drug abuse;
Participation in all kinds of underwater activities;
Participation or training in any dangerous or high-risk sport or competition, such as horseback riding, hunting, winter sports (practiced outside the designated areas), mountaineering or rock climbing, caving, bungee jumping and other extreme sports, as well as driving in any form at a car race. Participation in winter sports / at the designated places / is covered against a corresponding increase in the insurance premium;
Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, contraceptive measures or sterilization;
Research and / or treatment of infertility;
Illness or disability from which you have suffered, received medical treatment or were aware of when the coverage took effect;
HIV infection, AIDS or AIDS-related health, sexually transmitted diseases;
Participation in an illegal act;
Permanent assignment to the regular armed forces;
Atomic energy and / or nuclear explosion or radioactive radiation;
Plastic surgery and / or cosmetic treatment;
Any costs arising from additional health treatment or rehabilitation in mineral baths or medical stations, sanatoriums, health or other similar establishments;
Medical assistance provided by relatives or spouses and homeopaths or naturalists;
Organ transplantation and costs for prostheses and artificial limbs;
Treatment of chronic diseases, the exacerbation of which does not immediately endanger your life, or incurable diseases;
Prophylactic examinations.

Who Can Take Out Travel Insurance Abroad

Medical insurance for travel abroad with provided Assistance is intended for Bulgarian and / or foreign citizens who have a temporary, permanent or long-term residence in Bulgaria, aged 0 to 80 years. Persons over the above age can also take out this insurance, but with an increased premium and certain conditions.

The insurance is valid for the period of your residence outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, and for foreign citizens outside the territory of the country of which they are citizens. This insurance is not covered in case the insurance event occurs on the territory of the country for which the foreigner has a valid health insurance and / or insurance.

  • Your expenses are covered or you are paid compensation;
  • You are provided with assistance incl. repatriation in the event of an insured event / accident or acute illness / outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Persons with 50% disability and those placed under full incapacity are not covered.

Insurance Compensation

The Insurer pays indemnities under medical insurance for travel abroad with provided assistance on basic or additional coverage within 15 days after all necessary documents have been submitted.

In case you are given explicit instructions to pay covered expenses or in case of emergency, when you fail to contact the insurer, all documents on the specific claim should be sent within 5 (five) days to the relevant addresses.

You should also enclose a summary of the circumstances of the event, as well as a medical report, medical records, original invoices for paid expenses and all other documents confirming the event, the expenses incurred and their amount. All medical documents must be issued by licensed health facilities / hospital, clinic, office, etc./ or by qualified medical professionals.

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